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    Here it comes!


    KAR 120C - the Lotus 7, as driven by Patrick McGoohan in that cult 1960s' TV series "The Prisoner".


    Only SIX will be available! To pre-order now, phone me on: 01244 320761 or email:

    [email protected]


    A stunning model, beautifully hand built in white metal by master model builders' SMTS.


    Forget the rest - this is the best. A model for the serious, discerning collector of exquisitely detailed, handcrafted models of superb quality.


    Click over now to the SMTS section of the site to rekindle those memories!


    "You are Number Six... I am not a number! I am a free man!"



    I've just received a batch of twelve 1957 Phase II Standard Vanguard models from Pete Kenna.

    These are gorgeous models, hand built in white metal with exquisite detailing.

    A choice of four, two-tone colour schemes is available and I've just photoraphed them and put them onto the site. To see them, click over to the "Kenna" section.

    Really lovely models that are very rare and hardly ever seen.


    Regards to all,




    At last! The Sunbeam Rapier fastback, based on the Rootes Arrow programme, will be in stock soon!

    Colours available will be metallic blue or metallic Copper Beech, both with black interiors.


    Keep checking in the Majesty Classics section. As soon as the models arrive they will be listed.

    There will be just eight blue and four copper, initially, so if you want one of the first batch, pre-order by phoning me on: 01244 320761 or

    email: [email protected]


    Regards to all,




    The later (1966) versions of the Hillman Super Minx together with the Singer Vogue, the Mark IV, will be available soon!

    These are the facelifted version with the squared off back window, the previous model being redesigned into a 6-light configuration.

    The estate versions have been available in the Majesty Classics range for some time but this is the first time that the saloon model will be on sale.


    Colours will be: Super Minx - solid blue with blue interior and also dark green with pale green interior.

    The Vogue will be offered as: metallic blue with burgundy red interior or silver with blue interior.


    The models will be listed as soon as they arrive.


    Regards to all,






    Arrival imminent of a stunning new model from Pete Kenna!!!


    Especially commissioned by BHM, the model is a gorgeous portrayal of the rarely seen Vanguard Phase II. All models TWELVE ONLY! will be presented in two-tone bodywork with a host of exquisite detailing.


    Click over now to the Kenna section on the site see photos of the models. They won't be arriving for another week yet but if you want one, they can be pre-ordered by phoning me on: 01244 320761 or by emailing me on: [email protected]


    These are going to be advertised in Model Collector & Diecast Collector magazines and are bound to fly out, so to avoid disappointment - get your EARLY BIRD order in NOW!!!




    Regards to all.





    Click on this link to go to Frederic's Facebook page and see samples of the Silas Humber Sceptre MK III, arrival of which is not too far away now.



    LIMITED EDITION of 100 of each colour and pre-orders are building quickly. If you definitely want one, don't leave it too late.

    Contact me by phone, on: 01244 320761 or by email: [email protected]


    Regards to all,