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  1. Hello all,

    to check out the latest photos and details of the 1966 Singer Vogue estate cars, go to the Majesty Classics section in the BHM category.

    The arrival of the model is imminent, and what a stunning model it is! Beautifully hand built, it comes in a choice of two colours: steel grey or metallic pale blue, both with a contrasting red interior.


    The model will be here within the next 7-10 days, but if you wish to pre-order one (there will be only SIX of each colour, initially), phone me directly on: 01244 320761, as soon as possible, and I'll put one to one side for you.


    PLEASE NOTE: three have already been pre-ordered, so that leaves only nine left, at present.


    Best regards,


  2. Hello all,

    the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback is scheduled to be produced over the coming few months. Colours will be metallic turquoise blue, and metallic burnt copper/orange, with possibly another colour.


    Initial production will be slow and limited, because of the precise, hand built nature of these exquisitely made models.


    Price is subject to confirmation, but will be around £90 each + p&p.


    If you definitely want to buy one - phone me on: 01244 320761 and pre-order. The Majesty Classics range is selling so quickly that it is difficult for the factory to keep up with demand, so to avoid disappointment - pre-order.


    The model will be advertised in Model Collector and Diecast Collector and these adverts always bring in enough pre-orders, alone, for the initial production run to sell out.


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your consistent support. It is very heartening.




  3. Hello all,


    the next model in the Majesty Classics range will be the 1966 Singer Vogue estate.


    Pre-orders can be placed now by phoning me on: 01244 320761.


    The model will be in metallic steel grey, with a red interior. Exquisite detailing, as usual, and superb quality and finish.


    Price is £88.95 + p&p.


    PLEASE don't wait for the model to come into stock, because the last two models, Singer Vogue saloon & Cortina 1600E have sold out on pre-orders.




  4. Hello all,

    here's another apology...

    owing to the demand for the 1600E, I haven't been able to list it on the site. I ordered 36 from the manufacturer in China, but because of the Chinese New Year, he could only make 30, before the factory closed down for the holiday.

    All these were sold out instantly on pre-orders from the adverts in Model Collector and Diecast Collector.

    The first 30 were a Special Edition, featuring bullet-style wing mirrors, with a signed and numbered certificate.

    More will be available in late March/early April (without the bullet wing mirrors). If you wish to buy one of the next lot, let me know ASAP and I can prepare my order. A new colour will be added.

     Once again, please accept my apology for the wait, but it's probably best to phone me and pre-order, instead of waiting for the models to arrive.


    Tel: 01244 320761.


    Many thanks for your patience. Frank.







    The latest brand new model to the Majesty Classics range is currently being finished and will be arriving shortly.


    This is the 1967 Cortina Mk II 1600E, Series 1, launch model.


    Details and pictures of the model can now be seen in the Majesty Classics category of this website, but the model is not "out of stock" - it just hasn't arrived as at Tuesday, 14th January.


    Owing to the unprecedented demand for the MC 06 Singer Vogue, and the anticipated demand for the Cortina, I have increased the order for launch models of the 1600E.


    The model will be advertised and officially announced in both Model Collector and also Diecast Collector within the next two weeks and demand is expected to be heavy.


    Anyone wishing to pre-order this model can make a priority reservation by phoning me on: 01244 30761. No payment is required until the model is ready to send out.


    Colours available are: Velvet blue, Dragoon red, or Saluki Bronze.







    I would like to apologise to my customers who have been waiting patiently for the launch of the Majesty Classics MC 06 1962 Singer Vogue saloon moddel. Owing to unprecendented demand from my launch articles and adverts in Model Collector and Diecast Collector, all launch stock of this model sold out on the strength of pre-orders alone and I am currently waiting on the replacement stock from the manufacturer.


    As you all know, these models are of exceptional quality, detailing, and finish, and hand-built manufacture of them is a very skilled, painstaking and time consuming affair.


    I can only ask you to remain patient until the new order arrives into stock. It will then be placed onto the site as soon as possible.


    Thank you all for your understanding - Frank. 

  7. Hot on the heels of the best-selling BHM Majesty Hillman Super Minx, comes the sister model: the 1962 Singer Vogue saloon.


    Arrival is imminent and the models can be viewed on this site in the British Heritage Models, Majesty Classics category.


    Available in three beautiful two-tones choices, the quality, detailing, and finish are superb.


    Keep watching for availability, which will be very soo.


    Regards to all - Frank.

  8. The Silas Hillman Hunter sold out extremely quickly, when it was released earlier this year. This was mainly due to there being only two colours available, each limited to 100 models. A lot of collectors were very disappointed at missing it and are still contacting me now, about availabilty.


    Now, just arrived into stock is the sister model to the Hunter - the Silas Models Singer Vogue. Supply of this model is following the same pattern as the Hunter: two colours only, limited to 100 models per colour.


    The Singer is now in stock and the two colours available, Burnt Almond, and Maroon, are ready for sale.


    However, to avoid disappointment, if you are seriously thinking of adding this model to your collection, I would advise you to do so as soon as possible, as the model will be for sale from BHM via this website, Ebay, Model Collector, and Diecast Collector. Obviously, with four retail outlets for the model, I expect it won't be too long before this also sells out.


    So, you better shove a note up the chimney, to Santa, right sharpish!!!