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  1. Stand by your beds and be ready for the off!!

    Piggy banks open -


    Over the next few days, BHM will be having another MASSIVE sale of LANSDOWNE models.


    Keep a close eye on "LANSDOWNE DELETED" on the site for the next lot of BARGAIN white metal models.


    The first sale in the summer was hugely successful and I'm expecting the next one to be even bigger - especially with CHRISTMAS just around the corner.


    Regards to all,




    Beneath the soil

    In foreign fields

    At rest, the young men lie

    Caressed by the wind

    Blessed by the sun

    Forever, to face the sky.


    How long will we appreciate

    The sacrifice they gave

    In handing us our freedom

    As they marched to an early grave


    Young lads, young men

    All as one

    Of laughter and of tears

    Of broken hearts

    Of beer and darts

    All wrapped in tender years

    Of football, sweethearts, motorbikes

    The innocence of the young

    Torn from their grasp

    By the wail of death

    No more, their song to be sung


    How long will we remember them

    And the sacrifice they made

    As they granted us our future

    It can never be repaid


    Beneath gravestones

    Far from their homes

    In death, the young men lie

    Row after row

    After row

    After row

    Forever, to face the sky





  3. Is due in next week.


    The price has been firmed up now and I'm pleased to say that I'll be putting it out at a special BHM price of £79.99 + p&p.


    I'll have six initially and three have been pre-ordered. More will follow.


    You can buy one now but it won't be posted until next week.


    I'll get it photographed and onto the site as soon as it arrives. 


    Regards to all,