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    The last model from Frederic Cros, of Silas Models, the 1965 Jensen CV8 has almost sold out!


    First colour to go was the Botticelli blue (Ltd. 100). This sold out within two weeks of launch.


    Dark Carriage green (Ltd. 100) is now rated extremely limited, British Heritage Models having managed to acquire the last dozen, available to retailers. This colour has now been deleted from BHM Ebay, owing to critical shortage, and can now only be bought from BHM via this website or by phone: 01244 320761.


    Oyster grey (Ltd. 100) is seriously limited and will sell out before too long.


    If you have been thinking of buying the Silas Jensen, to avoid disappointment, I would advise you to do so as soon as possible, otherwise they may all be gone.


    NOW is the time to tell Father Christmas what you want to find at the bottom of your bed (apart from Marilyn Monroe) on Christmas morning.


    Regards to all - frank.



  2. Big pre-orders for the Silas Models Austin Maxi means that this model will not be around for long!!!


    Arrival is imminent - but remember - there will only be ONE HUNDRED OF EACH COLOUR: 300 models in total, and not all of these will be coming to BHM because this number is for WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION!!!


    Check out the photos now - under "Silas Models". Three colours will be available: Tartan red, Cumulus grey, and El Paso beige.







    Just arrived is a small batch of 1962 Hillman Super Minx, MC05, in the Majesty Classics range of hand builts.

    Red has already sold out on pre-orders, but there are some blue, and dark green available.


    More models will be coming into stock next week, so if you definitaly want a red one, phone me and I'll put one to one side for you.


    Tel:   01244 320761





    After two years of consistently being asked by my customers to sell models of cars other than British marques, I am pleased to announce that this decision has now been taken and a sister business has now been brought into operation.


    This second business will be know as "World Heritage Models" and the first models to be sold under this umbrella business will be from a brand new, model company known as "Esval Models".


    Esval are an American business, based in New York. The models are Limited Edition, and hand built in resin. The quality and finish are superb and you have my wholehearted recommendation regarding these value-for-money models.


    As you know, the reputation of British Heritage Models has been built on offering top quality, hand built models at affordable prices. The motto of BHM has always been "Quality, Value, Service..." and this motto is carried over to World Heritage Models. Any model that you buy fron me, you may do so with the COMPLETE CONFIDENCE of knowing that it comes with the British Heritage Models, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

    A new category, entitled "World Heritage Models" has now been established on this site. Please visit this new category to check out the first models for sale: the 1941 & 1942 Packard 180 7-seater Limousines. I think you will be impressed with them - I certainly am!









    It's a bit like buses - you wait ages for one, then three come at once! And here's the first of the three from Silas Models: the 1964 Vauxhall Viva HA de Luxe, in a choice of three, limited edition colours: Grey, Safari beige, and Carnival red.


    All three will be on sale from BHM within the next couple of weeks.


    The other two imminent arrivals are the Hillman Hunter and the Austin Maxi.


    Photos of the Viva can now be seen in the Silas Models category of this website.





    British Heritage Models is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the latest model in the Majesty Classics range of hand built model cars.


    Majesty Classics 05 will be on sale within the next few weeks and is the 1964 Hillman Super Minx saloon. The model will be available in a choice of three x two-tone colours schemes: sky blue with a white roof, dark green/white roof, red/white roof.


    The model is superbly hand built and intricately detailed, from the manufacturer who makes the Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Rover models for BHM.


    This premium quality model will come beautifully presented: plinth-mounted (removeable), within a perspex display case, and in the BHM green, leather-look box, which is protected by a matching cardboard sleeve.


    It will make a stunning addition to any collection and will appeal greatly to British car enthusiasts, hand built collectors, and, in particular, Rootes fans.


    Pictures of the model, prepared for final assembly can be viewed on this website in the British Heritage Models category under "Majesty Classics".


    Happy collecting!

    Frank Jones.



  7. Over the next few months, a new range 'Majesty Classics' will be announced by British Heritage Models.


    This is a BRAND NEW range and will consist of hand built, resin, classic, British saloon cars, from the thirties' to the nineties'.


    The first model in the range, MC.01, will be the 1939 Rover P2 6-light saloon. This will be followed closely by MC.02, the 1939 Rover P2 4-light sports saloon.


    Closely following these two models, will be MC.03, the 1948 Rover P3 6-light saloon, and then the 1948 Rover P3 4-light sports saloon.


    The models will be of exceptional quality and detailing. They will be presented plinth-mounted, encased in a clear perspex display case and within the BHM green, leather-look box.


    Prices have yet to be finalised but will be below £100.


    Keep watching the site for further details.