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  1. Hello all, here's an early bird announcement regarding the second model in the BHM EXCALIBUR range:


    Click over now to see initial details of the models.


    Initial total production is 100 =

    1978 Cavalier Mk I, 1600GL, metallic green: THIRTY  models.

    1978 Cavalier Mk I, 1600GL, metallic blue: THIRTY models.

    1980 Cavalier Mk I, 2000GLS, Burgundy red/black vinyl roof: FORTY models.


    Because of the LOW VOLUME, you are advised to PRE-ORDER now, if you want one/any of the models.



    Pre-orders can be place via the website email, T: 01244 320761 or email: [email protected]


    Regards to all,


  2. Hello all,

    after much mind-bending, procrastinating and guessing, I've set the retail price of the EXCALIBUR Cortina Mk II Lotus at £74.99 per model.


    This is all down to the £/$ exchange rate, as the Chinese like to be paid in  $ USD. The £ seems to be going through a reasonably stable state at the moment, after the huge fall caused by Brexit.


    So, the price is now set at £74.99 for all my website & magazine advert customers NOT Ebay. If you want either/both of these models, you'd be advised to let me know ASAP as there's only 70 EXC 1 and 30 EXC 1a.

    Pre-orders to date are: EXC 1 = 7 (balance 63 left).

                                          EXC 1a = 7 (balance 23 left)


    I haven't started to promote these models fully, yet, and I've still got the MK II Cortina Owners Club + the Lotus club to notify.

    Customers buying EXC 1 and or 1a will automatically be given PRIORITY, should they wish to order EXC 2 & EXC 2a = the Mk 1 Vauxhall Cavalier.

    See separate listings for initial details.


    Regards to all,



    Just arrived into stock are the beautiful Coronet Classics Sunbeam Alpines Mk I, as driven by Stirling Moss, in the 1953 Alpine Rally and also in the 1953 Jabbeke speed trial.


    These lovely models are hand built in white metal by Alan Burbridge, from a commission by BHM.


    Click over now to CORONET CLASSICS to see photos and details of the models.


    Regards to all,



    Pre-production samples of the first model in the new BHM Excalibur range have been received and I am delighted with them.


    The first model, EXC 1, is the 1970 Cortina Mk II, Series II, Lotus. SEVENTY MODELS ONLY! is in Ermine white with Sherwood green side & rear flashes, roof mounted radio aerial, standard road wheels, door mounted mirrors.


    EXC 1a THIRTY MODELS ONLY! is all Ermine white, front wing-mounted aerial, 'Minilite'-style, sports road wheels, front wing-mounted 'bullet' style sports mirrors.


    I have pointed out a couple of corrections to the manufacturer (the green is the wrong shade!) and these will be put into effect and production will then start. I am hoping to have the models on sale by the end of November.


    Target price is £75 - £80, depending on the £/$ exchange rate at the time.But it definitely won't be more than £80.




    You can reserve a model/models by contacting me on T: 01244 320761, [email protected] or by the website email.


    People buying EXC 1 and/or EXC 1a will be given priority when EXC 2 & 2a is officially announced (1978 1600GL & 1980 2000GLS Mk 1 Vauxhall Cavalier).


    Regards to all,




    The first five models in the brand new BHM EXCALIBUR range have now been planned and the first three are currently in various stages of production.


    This is a great step in a new direction for BHM as the EXCALIBUR range will involve models that have never (or very rarely) been produced as hand-builts.


    In order to generate additional space in the stock room for these new models, I am introducing a "Clearance" section involving existing models with immediate effect.


    If you click onto "Clearance Section" in the categories you will be told various sub-categories where these bargains are to be found


    PLEASE NOTE: these models are BRAND NEW and sold on a first come, first served basis. When they've gone, they've gone!


    Regards to all,



  6. Next week, the prototype master pattern for the first models in the new BHM Excalibur range, EXC 1 & 1a, will be sent to me from China.


    Together with a couple of pre-production models, I then have to inspect them and make a note of any details that may need to be changed.


    The models will then be sent back to China and work will start on producing the run.


    There will be 100 produced, with a split of 70/30.


    70 (EXC 1) will be produced with standard road wheels, together with door-mounted rear view mirrors. 30 (EXC 1a) will be produced with "Minilite" style wheels and bullet-style wing mirrors.


    I have spent hours and hours researching this model to the enth degree, to make sure that the detailing is correct as far as humanely possible.


    The model has never before been produced as a handbuilt. Handcrafted in resin, it will feature photo-etched parts, resin headlamp inserts, separate plated parts and exquisite detailing which - I can guarantee! - has been fastidiously researched.


    I am aiming to keep the price as affordable as possible, but the exchange rate of the £ = $ is making the going tough. Realistically, I am hoping the model will be priced at about £80-£85. If it is at all possible for me to get the price below £80, I'll do me best. 


    I have created the Excalibur range to produce models of cars that have never, or very rarely, been made as hand-builts.


    Regarding EXC 1 (& EXC 1a), I'm not revealing the secret, yet! You'll have to wait a little longer. But get your thinking caps on and see if you can guess what it is!!!!


    Regards to all,



    British Heritage Models is delighted to tell you that we have been appointed as a retail distributor for the stunning, new, Project Z Models collection of Aston Martins.


    The models are hand-built in resin and feature metal and photo-etched parts. These exotic models are of cars that have been styled by Zagato.


    Project Z are based in Italy, with the maaster patterns being supplied by Rialto Models of The Netherlands.


    To see these beautiful, premium quality models, click over to "Project Z Models", now!


    Regards to all,



    I have managed to get hold of five Pathfinder models: Sunbeam Rapier, Austin Hereford, Morris Oxford Series II, Humber Hawk Mk IV and a Vauxhall Wyvern.


    All models are in lovely condition and come with original boxes and certificates.


    Click over now to "PATHFINDER MODELS, PRE-OWNED" to have a gander.


    But there is only one example of each!


    Regards to all,