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  1. last! Majesty Classics MC13/13a Ford Corsair 2000E/GT is finally in production.


    Click over now to "Majesty Classics" in the BHM category to see manufacturer's photos of the pre-production prototypes.


    The model looks gorgeous, having been specified with an open 'Webasto' style sunroof.


    The 1970 2000E is available in Amber gold with a black interior, or Aubergine with a tan interior.


    The 1968 2000GT is available in Goodwood green with a black interior and sports wheels.


    Chek them out, now!


    Regards to all,


  2. over now to "MATRIX BRITISH" to see the forthcoming model from Matrix:


    The 1973 Rover P5b saloon of Margaret Thatcher!


    The model comes with figures of a British Bobby and Margaret Thatcher.


    This is bound to be a big seller on novelty value alone, so get your pre-order in NOW!!!


    In stock soon!!


    Regards to all,


  3. ... more new BRITISH models just announced from CULT.


    CULT are having a field day at the moment, announcing more BRITISH car models.



    1964 Aston Martin DB5 open drophead, in metallic blue or metallic red.


    1959-64 Daimler SP250 Dart, open convertible, in metallic green or metallic grey.


    1970 Triumph Stag MK 1, open convertible, in white or Saffron.


    1993 TVR Griffith open convertible, in metallic green or metallic purple.


    These are bound to be very popular sellers, so to reserve yours phone me now on

    T: 01244 320761 or email me through the website.


    Click over now to the CULT category to see photos.


    Regards to all,





  4. ... September is the release date for the two latest models from CULT (1:18 scale):


    1954 SUNBEAM MK III SUPREME (formerly the Talbot 90), available in two-tone pale grey over maroon or black.


    1973 MGBGT V8 available in Harvest gold ot Bracken (orange).


    Click over to CULT models, on the site to see photos.


    Pre-order now, as they are bound to be very popular, and will be produced in limited quantities


    Regards to all,


  5. ...for anyone who missed out on the SILAS VAUXHALL FB VX 4/90!!


    I've just obtained a LIMITED QUANTITY direct from Frederic of the model, in a choice of two colours:





    Click across now to 'SILAS' to see photos.


    Rgeards to all,


  6. ...1949 Triumph Roadster, which is due in soon.

    This gorgeous model comes in a choice of colour with hood up or down.

    Take a look now, in the 'Kess' category of the site.

    Numbers are limited and I've already got a fair amount of pre-orders, so if you want, don't miss the boat! PRE-ORDER now!!


    Regards to all,