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  1. ... the newly arrived batch of Super Minx and Vogue sold out immediately.


    A second batch is on the way and I am currently showing these as 'due in'.

    To secure your order, you may buy now and I will send the model as soon as it arrives.


    I am taking this step because the models are currently advertised for sale in Model Collector and Diecast Collector. I don't want customers coming to the site to buy and seeing that there's non sign of any being available.


    The current batch is being built and will be on the weay to me soon.


    MC 08, the Rapier, also sold out and more will be arriving shortly.


    Regards to all,


  2. ... the SUNBEAM ALPINE FASTBACK is currently under development and will be arriving

    before too long.


    Colours will be metallic Turquoise blue or solid red.


    Photos of PROTOTYPE models can be seen in the Majesty Classics section.


    PRE-ORDERS now being taken.


    Regards to all,


  3. photos, just received, of the MC 10, production, 1966 Hillman Super Minx Series IV, in the Majesty Classics section of the site. The model now shows the more sedate shade of blue, plus the slimmer side stripe and the 1725 badges behind the front wheel arches.

    The Vogue has also been updated to production ready standard.

    The first batch of models have been made and are on the way to me and will be here soon.


    Regards to all,


  4. Click over to BHM Majesty Classics to see pre-production photos of he latest models due to arrive very shortly -


    MC10: the 1966 Mk IV Hillman Super Minx.

    MC11: the 1966 Mk IV Singer Vogue.


    These were the last versions of the Audax-style cars before being replaced by the Arrow range, in late 1966. These cars were in production for one year and were fitted with the new 1725 Rootes engine.


    The models are built to the usual, high Majesty Classics level of quality and feature open 'Webasto-style' sunroofs.


    Please note: these photos are of PRE-PRODUCTION samples and there are minor changes to be made:-

    fitting of the 1725 badges on wings behind front wheels

    the side flash on the Super Minx will be narrower, to resemble that of the Vogue.

    the blue of the Super Minx will be toned down to a more sedate shade.


    Regards to all,



  5. Frederic of Silas Models has sent details of the next two models due for building, although no timescale has been determined.

    The models are the 1972 TRIUMPH MK II 2000/25000 estate and the 1966 SUNBEAM RAPIER SERIES V.


    The models will be available in the following colours, and can be pre-ordered from BHM, now:


    • Triumph 2000 Estate Mk2 - #SM43201.w - White
    • Triumph 2000 Estate Mk2 - #SM43201.db - Delft Blue
    • Triumph 2500S Estate Mk2 - #SM43202.d - Damson
    • Triumph 2500S Estate Mk2 - #SM43202.iy - Inca Yellow


    • Sunbeam Rapier Series V- - Body: Autoumn Gold - Roof: Embassy Black
    • Sunbeam Rapier Series V- - Body: Silver Grey - Roof: Silver Grey
    • Sunbeam Rapier Series V- - Body: Glade Green - Roof: Glade Green
    • Sunbeam Rapier Series V- - Body: Pippin Red - Roof: Pippin Red


    Some photos of prototype models can be seen on the SILAS MODELS section of this website.

    Regards to all,