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    The inaugural stock of the Automodello models has sold well. I ordered an exploratory eight models and have sold five of them already: 4 x TVRs, various colours, and 1 x metallic blue RHD 1964 Marcos 1800 - it was the only one I had.


    I've just put in another order for more TVR models (the colours that sold initially, plus now red and also yellow) and more blue Marcos 1800s.


    I've also ordered a couple of pale blue 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mk 1 convertibles - these come with an additional detachable hard roof, in black.

    It's a LIMITED EDITION of 165 and will be priced at around £125-130.

    There's only TWO Tigers initially, so if you want one, pre-order by contacting me as usual.

    See photos in the Automodello category on the site.

    Regards to all,







    Just arrived into stock is the latest model from Lansdowne: the 1935 Brough Superior Eight, 4-seater, open drophead coupe. And what a gorgeous model!


    Nip over now to the Lansdowne Current Models category and take a butcher's. It's beautifully excecuted in what appears to be RAF blue, but just shows on the box flap as 'blue'.

    I've also added the Lansdowne AC 16/80 sports roadster - a gorgeous little model in BRG with tan upholstery. 


    I've started to get up to speed, at last, with the (current) Lansdowne photos. During the last couple of months, I've not had much time to spare, what with the deleted Lansdownes, then the Cavalier Mk 1 models flying out, (the words 'headless' and 'chicken' spring to mind) but things have quietened down a bit now, so I've replaced the Lansdowne Website photos (which I temporarily borrowed) with my own.


    I'll be doing the Brooklin ones next.


    Never mind, it'll soon be Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!  :-)


    Regards to all,





  3. The 1959 VAUXHALL CRESTA PA-S sold out, last time I had it in stock.


    The next batch will be here by Friday. I ordered 26 and 14 have already been sold on pre-orders.


    I've just listed what's left on the GTA Models category of the site. Photos will follow soon after the models arrive.


    If you want one, buy it now, subject to seeing the photos, as numbers are very limited.


    All people who pre-ordered will be contacted this week - your models have been ring-fenced and are safe, so there's no reason to buy one off the site after pre-ordering as this just complicates matters.


    Regards to all,




  4. The Excalibur Cavalier Mk 1 saloon has been a huge success.


    Following on from this, the next model in the Cavalier series will be the Mk 1 Sports Hatch.


    The formula will be the same as the saloon: a limited edition of 100 models in a colour split: 30 + 30 + 40. The trim split will be 60/40, thus =


    1.6GL = 30 x Jamaica Yellow, 30 x Orange Tan.

    2000GLS = 40 x Sapphire blue metallic.


    There are pictures of the real cars in those colours in the Excalibur category of the site.


    To pre-order a model/s let me know via phone: 01244 320761 or by the site email.


    Of the 100 models that will be available FORTY-TWO have already been pre-ordered.


    I can't say at the moment when the models will be ready but they WILL be made.


    Regards to all,



  5. Thirteen days ago, I took delivery of 100 x Excalibur Mk 1 Cavaliers:

    30 x 1.6GL blue

    30 x 1.6GL green

    40 x 2000GLS red

    Today, at time of writing, I have left:

    4 x blue

    6 x green

    4 x red

    I have sent one to Model Collector to be reviewed and have 14 left.

    I have sold EIGHTY FIVE in thirteen days.

    If you want one, you'd be as well to buy it now, or let me know you want to buy one and defer payment, because there's not many left.











    The introduction of the Excalibur Cavalier Mk 1 has caused a bit of a stampede but, in the words of Corporal Jones, 'Don't panic! Don't panic!'.


    All of you who pre-ordered have been given PRIORITY and your models have been ring-fenced. I spent a lot of time today contacting most of you by phone and email. Anyone who I haven't spoken to yet will be contacted by the weekend.


    If you pre-ordered one of the models, there is no need to buy one off the website or Ebay - your model is already put to one side.


    There are still a few customers who I've left a message for on their answerphones. I'll chase them up tomorrow. But even if I can't get hold of them, I'll assume that they're on holiday and will hold onto their models for a couple of weeks.


    In the unlikely event that any of you don't hear from me by Saturday, then give me a ring just to confirm.


    Regards to all,




    ... have just arrived, ten minutes ago, from Sergio Goldvarg, in Florida.


    For anyone interested in collecting classic American cars, take a look at these NOW in the GOLDVARG  category on the site.


    These are stunning models and I can't wait to get my hands on them!!


    There will be only 2 colours x 150 of each, per model run of 300. 


    Regards to all,



    The Excalibur Mk 1 Cavaliers arrived today and they are real beauties!


    I've just finished photographng them and now you can see pictures of the actual models that are on offer, if you click over to the Excalibur category of the site.


    Out of the 100 delivered 62 have been pre-ordered, so if you want one, let me know ASAP because I've just advertised them in Model Collector and the advert will be out in two weeks.


    Regards to all,












    But don't worry, this doesn't mean BHM is closing down - far from it - we're going from strength to strength - it just means that I've decided to clear out some of the stock to make way for the new lots that will be arriving shortly. 

    It's a great pity that some resin producers are constantly ripping off other people's white metal models to use as their own, but now you can buy some of these ripped-off models from me - at less than the cost of resin!


    This offer is genuine and only while the stocks last, so if you fancy a high quality, white metal model at a huge saving check out the above categories now!


    Regards to all.





  10.                                          THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION



    BRITISH HERITAGE MODELS is proud to announce that we have been appointed as the SOLE retailer for the United Kingdom for a brand new range of hand-built, resin models of classic American cars.


    The models are currently being built and should be here before too long. In the meantime, click over to the BRAND NEW category 'THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION' for more info.


    Also, you can read the full, fascinating story of Sergio Goldvarg at:




    Each issue will be a  LIMITED EDITION of 2 x colours, 150 each = 300 models.


    Regards to all,