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  1. ... Triumph 2000/2500 estates + Sunbeam Rapier Series V are now on sale and can be bought from the 'SILAS MODELS' category.


    Delivery may take a few days longer than normal as there are quite a few pre-orders to pack and post but I'll get the model/s to you as soon as I can.


    Please bear with me.


    Regards to all,



  2. ... there are now two categories for GOLDVARG models on the site.


    The original is for models that are currently available.


    Because of the plethora of new models, in various states of construction and development, I've added a new category 'GOLDVARG MODELS FOR FUTURE RELEASE'.


    Because of the enormous popularity of GOLDVARG models, and their LIMITED EDITION amounts, I'd strongly advise that if there's any particular model/models you want, PRE-ORDER them as soon as you can. You can contact me by phone (01244 320761) or by the site email.


    Although there are a lot of models currently in development, they have a habit of whizzing into production quite quickly because Goldvarg use a number of different manufatcturers, working in tandem.


    Have a look at the new category - there's some crackers coming along!


    Regards to all, 




  3. ... the SILAS MODELS Triumph 2000/2500 Mk II estates and the Sunbeam Series V Rapiers are on the way to me!


    You can see photos of the models on this website in the SILAS MODELS category.


    When they arrive I'll take some BHM photos as well.


    They look beautiful - check them out!


    Pre-orders will be dealt with ASAP.

    Regards to all,



  4. ... received this email this morning:


    "Dear BHM (Frank), Many thanks for the model car I received on Friday afternoon, Evsal 1938 Humber Super Snipe saloon and in perfect condition.

    I was also impressed with the speed and ease of the transaction and also how quickly it arrived on my doorstep.

    I hopefully look forward to purchasing another model from you at some time in the future and thank you once again.

     Yours, David G."   


    Regards to all,



  5. HC2, the 1750HL Austin Maestro is back in stock.

    Numbers are limited and will be kept at the old price until sold out.

    SMTS have told me that the price of the Hastings Classics range will be increasing by £20 per model.

    This is to cover production costs which were underestimated with the original launch models.

    Regards to all,