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  1. These are the LAST FOUR Triumph Herald 12/50 models from MAX DERREZ. Max is in the process of running the business down due to him retiring shortly and I've bought the last four of these models.


    These lovely Herald 12/50 Skylights are presented with open 'Webasto' style sunroof and wire wheels.


    Check them out in 'Derrez Model' on the site.


    Regards to all,



    HC 01: the first model from Hastings Classics, the Hunter Mk 1, has just received 10/10 in Model Collector.


    HC 02: the Austin Maestro, has been announced for delivery late summer/early autumn.


    JUST NOW HC 03 has been announced. This is the TRIUMPH 1300. Colour choices (2) are yet to be finalised but Wedgwood blue is a goer, possibly also Pine green.


    PRE-ORDERS for HC 02 & HC 03 can be placed NOW, either through the site email or by phoning me on: 01244 320761.


    Regards to all,


  3. the upcoming issue of Model Collector!


    The new Hunter Mark 1 from Hastings Classics has just been awarded 10/10 in 'Dom's Choice'.

    Not bad for a first effort!

    The next model, due late summer/early autumn, will be the Austin Maestro. Details on the site.

    Regards to all,


  4. on the way to me:



    Aston Martin DB5 shooting brake

    Aston Martin DB6 open Volante

    Bentley Pillarless coupe.


    The models are on the way to me and will be here in a few days but you can buy now and I'll post as soon as they arrive.

    The photos are from Matrix. When the models arrive, they'll be photographed in detail by our exceptionally gifted, handsome, suave and debonaire photographer - i. e. me :-) !!!


    Regards to all,


  5. The HASTINGS CLASSICS Hunter Mk 1 has just arrived and it's the NICEST model of a Hunter I've ever seen!


    Hand built in white metal, the model is of superb quality and finish. The detailing is fantastic!


    The Tahiti blue one has a copy of the Daily Mirror on the front passenger seat, the Polar white one having a copy of Autocar, and them both having a tax disc In the windscreen.


    The model features photo-etched grille and wipers, clear resin headlamp inserts and separate plated parts, including wing mirrors.


    Each model is a Limited Edition of 100 per colour and comes with a printed, numbered certificate, together with a numbered aluminium scutcheon fixed to the base.


    Have a look at the photos now - 'Hastings Classics'.


    Regards to all,



  6. the second HASTINGS CLASSICS model have just been released.


    It will be the Austin Maestro 1.6HL in a choice of pale metallic blue or solid Tartan red.


    Work has started but the model won't be available until summer/autumn.


    As there will only be 100 of each colour you're advised to place a pre-order now!


    Contact me via phone or email to do so.

    Regards to all,


  7. The first of the Hastings Classics, Hillman Hunter Mk 1 is are on the way to me.

    You can buy them NOW, off the site = see 'Hastings Classics'.



    If you've already made a pre-order DON'T buy off the site!! The PRE-ORDERS are being given priority and have been accounted for in the incoming batch.

    These are lovely models made by SMTS from a suggestion by me.

    They are handbuilt in white metal and are limited to ONE HUNDRED ONLY each colour of white/red interior or blue/ beige interior.


    I can't wait to see them!!


    Regards to all,