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  1. All production of current, and forthcoming, models from the EXCALIBUR range have been reallocated to the MAJESTY CLASSICS range.


    Production for the next few months is now underway and some fantastic models are due between now and Christmas.


    See the following blogs for further details.


    Examples of these forthcoming models can also be see in the MAJESTY CLASSICSsection of the site.


    Regards to all,



    The Majesty Classics Sunbeam Rapier Fastback has completed production and the first batch of 30 will be here very soon.


    These are mostly sold out on pre-orders so if you've already ordered one, don't worry as pre-orders are given priority.


    If anyone else wants to order one, go to the Majesty Classics category on the site to see photos of the models, available in gold or Copper Beech metallic.


     Can't wait to receive them - they look fabulous!


    Regards to all,


  3. These are the LAST FOUR Triumph Herald 12/50 models from MAX DERREZ. Max is in the process of running the business down due to him retiring shortly and I've bought the last four of these models.


    These lovely Herald 12/50 Skylights are presented with open 'Webasto' style sunroof and wire wheels.


    Check them out in 'Derrez Model' on the site.


    Regards to all,



    HC 01: the first model from Hastings Classics, the Hunter Mk 1, has just received 10/10 in Model Collector.


    HC 02: the Austin Maestro, has been announced for delivery late summer/early autumn.


    JUST NOW HC 03 has been announced. This is the TRIUMPH 1300. Colour choices (2) are yet to be finalised but Wedgwood blue is a goer, possibly also Pine green.


    PRE-ORDERS for HC 02 & HC 03 can be placed NOW, either through the site email or by phoning me on: 01244 320761.


    Regards to all,