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  1. On Tuesday, I took delivery of six Jaguar XKSS models from Illustra. By Wednesday, I'd sold four of the six.


    The silver (Ralph Lauren) and BRG (Steve McQueen) ones are limited to 50 each. So that's OK.


    The other colours though are limited to just 20 IN TOTAL and each colour is being made to order. If you want one of these colours, let me know as soon as possible because Mike, at Illustra, is taking orders and when he reaches 20 - that's it, NO MORE!!


    The other colours are Signal red, metallic blue, dark Royal blue and black.


    You don't have to pay all in one hit = when your model arrives, we can sort something out about the payment. But if you've got your heart set one one let me know ASAP


    Regards to all,



    JUST taken delivery of a lovely selection of the Brooklin IPV range.


    As with the other Lansdowne and Brooklin models on sale, I've managed to get these at a very good price to offer EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY to my loyal customers.


    Click over now to the IPV category to have a look at the models available.


    As a born & bred Scouser, I might even be tempted to buy the LIVERPOOL CITY police

    MK II Zephyr for myself!! It's a stunner!!


    I used to know a bloke who used to be a copper - he lived in Letsby Avenue (groan).


    Regards to all,


  3. Just arrived today are some LIMITED EDITION models of the iconic Jaguar XKSS.


    Made under the Minimarque brand by Illustra, the models must rank as amongst the most exquisitely detailed models I've ever seen. The quality is superb.


    Two models, one of Steve McQueen's car (LTD: 50) and one of Ralph Lauren's car (LTD: 50) are joined by two other road cars in Signal red and metallic blue (LTD: 20 in total)


    Not cheap, but the quality, detail and rarity value help to soften the blow. 


    Click over to Minimarque by Illustra and have a look.


    Regards to all,



  4. The deleted Lansdownes are selling rapidly!!


    A customer collector phoned me today and bought TWENTY-SIX in one hit!! 


    Just a note to say that if you've got your heart set on any particular model/models but can't yet quite stretch to buying them now, phone me up or email me and let me know what they are. I can reserve them for you for a couple of weeks until you're in a position to pay for them.

    That way you won't miss out on anything you fancy for your collection.


    Regards to all and many thanks for making this project such an unprecendented success.





    Click over to 'SMTS Models' to see some lovely Jaguar XK120 models I've just listed.


    The standard car is in either Signal red or Old English White, plus there's a replica model of the XK120 as owned by Clark Gable, in Gable grey. He invented this colour himself, with the help of a garage friend, as he wanted a unique car that noone else would have. 

    Regards to all,



  6. If you want the laugh of the century, go to Ebay now and type in Lansdowne models in the toys and games section and look at some of the prices other dealers are asking for the SAME deleted models that I'm selling.


    They're ranging from £100 -£120 for the EXACT SAME MODELS.


    I know what they paid for these models - exactly the same price as me -  and it angers me that these people can be ruled so much by greed to a point where they are attempting to rip-off customers to such an extent.


    I know my customers well and I know that a lot of them are elderly gents, surviving on a pension, but still locked in to their lifelong hobby of collecting model cars. I try to provide a professional, quality, value-for money service. Here's an example of the blatant rip-off prices being carried out...


    Ebay, Monday, July 3rd:

    Two customers each bought a model of LDM 68a, the Lansdowne Cortina Ghia estate.

    My customer paid £59.99 + £4.00 p&p = total £63.99

    Another customer bought the EXACT same model from another dealer and paid £109.90 + £6.95 p&p = total £116.85.


    £116.85 - £63.99 = they overpaid (were ripped off) to the tune of FIFTY THREE POUND.

    No, you read it right = FIFTY THREE POUND.


    Even another 'LADY' dealer, who always asked reasonable prices for Lansdownes, has succumbed to the GREED bug and is listing EXACTLY the same models as mine for £100 each.


    Still, not to worry - since 15th June, when the first batch of Lansdowne/Brooklins arrived at BHM, as of today, I've sold a combined total of 109 models - one man buying SEVEN at once. I wonder how many the other dealers have sold?


    And now, I'll leave you on this happy note... it'll soon be Christmas!!!


    Regards to all,










    The white metal Crestas, as cast from the original Pathfinder mould, sold very well and I've already taken another 3 pre-orders for the next lot.


    If you fancy one, nip over to the GTA Models category to see what's been ordered. I've ordered a couple of new colour combinations and you can see pictures of the real cars that the colours will be based on. These models, though not cheap, are excellent value for money as the original Pathfinder (single tone) models go for around £250 each.


    Regards to all,



    Just had a delivery of the lovely CORONET CLASSICS from Alan.


    Back in stock is COR 1, the 1937 Conway, open roof, in three different colours: blue, burgundy red or green, all with black mudguards.


    Also just arrived are two NEW models: COR 4, the 1938 Ford Prefect in blue and COR 5, the 1948 Vauxhall Velox L-Type in a choice of metallic blue or Almond green.


    Nice models, highly detailed and hand-built in white metal. Click over now to 'Coronet Classics' on the site and take a look.


    It is the mission of British Heritage Models to support the small model-maker (he's only three foot six).


    Regards to all,


    P.S. I was only joking about the three foot six :-)






    enables me to offer FANTASTIC PRICES on certain BROOKLIN AMERICAN models, similar to what I've been offering on the deleted LANSDOWNE range.


    If you collect BROOKLIN AMERICAN models, this could be a great opportunity to maybe fill some gaps in your collection!!!


    Like the Lansdowne offer, this offer is subject to availabilty and only WHILE STOCKS LAST.




    Click over now to the DELETED BROOKLINS category of the site to see what's available.


    Regards to all,






  10. *****URGENT******URGENT******URGENT******URGENT******URGENT******


    The fantastic offer on BRAND NEW, FACTORY FRESH Lansdowne models is coming to an end, VERY SOON!!!.


    I currently have a (physical) stock of most of the models, but if you're thinking of buyng a particular one, now is the time to buy or reserve it, this is because...


    ************THE FACTORY OFFER ENDS THIS FRIDAY - JUNE 23RD************


    After that date, I WILL NOT be able to buy any more models at the discount prices.


    I will be placing my FINAL order on FRIDAY 23RD JUNE, so let me know ASAP if there's a particular model/models you want.


    To reserve a model/models for payment at a later date, please contact me: T-01244 320761 or by email off the website.


    The sales have been FANTASTIC! Thank you all for your continued custom, encouragement and support.


    Kind regards,