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    I've just taken into stock THIRTEEN 1959 Vauxhall Cresta PA-S white metal models.


    These have been built by Graham Price, from his original brass master that was used for the Pathfinder model.


    The build-quality, paint finish and presentation are as to be expected from this master model builder.


    PLEASE NOTE: out of the first THIRTEEN models, seven have been sold already, leaving



    Priced at £124.99 + £4.99 p&p, they're incredible value for money when you look at some of the prices being asked for the correspoding Pathfinder model.


    Take a look at them now, in the GTA MODELS, WHITE METAL category of the site.


    Regards to all.



    British Heritge Models is proud to announce that they have been appointed as an official retailer of the LANSDOWNE range of classic, British cars, made by Brooklin Models of Bath.


    The first six are now on sale and can be seen in the new 'LANSDOWNE MODELS' category on the site.


    Keep watching as more will be added but if there's any model in particular that you want, let me know and I'll get it for you if it's available.


    Regards to all,



    British Heritage Models are proud to announce that they have been appointed as an officlal retailer of the BROOKLIN range of white metal, hand-built, American model cars!


    The first four models have arrived and are now on sale in the "The Brooklin Collection" category of the site.


    More models will follow, together with models from the other ranges in the BROOKLIN 




    This is an exciting time for BHM, to turn this new page into the future. So, if you are a collector of these models, or just interested in them, please take a look  - you might find something you fancy!


    Regards to all,



    Hello all,

    it is with sadness that I have to tell you that my colleague in China, Zhou, will not be returning to work at his model factory. Since suffering his heart attack 12 months ago, the factory has remained in mothballs.


    He has recently seen his doctor and been advised to retire from work.


    This is a sad time for me because without Zhou, six years ago, BHM might never have got off the ground.


    Starting firstly with The Britannia Collection, our cooperation went onto produce Majesty Classics, then The Lionheart Supreme Collection..


    These three ranges will now cease when current stocks run out.


    This news does not affect production of the Excalibur range, as these are made by a different factory.


    I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Zhou well for the future.


    I am currently adding to the range of manufacturers to add to the BHM stable so watch this space...


    Regards to all,



    As regular blog readers will know, Zhou, my contact in China who makes the models for me, had a heart attack last May. He's still not back at work but I've just ordered and received a delivery of Majesty Classics models, which were completed before him falling ill.


    They're still in very short supply: Cortina 1600E, Super Minx saloon + convertible, Singer Vogue estate and P2 6-light & 4-light.


    I've just listed them on the site so if there's anything you fancy. 'whip it quick', as I can't guarantee if there'll be any more in the future. If you want to reserve a model/s and pay at a later date, contact me and we can arrange this.


    Best regards to all and a HAPPY EASTER!



    Hello all,

    I've been asked a number of times if I sell Cult Models, which are 1/18 resin scale models, made in China (where else?) by a company based in The Netherlands.


    A lot of their models are of British classics. Sometime this year they'll be bringing out the Cortina 1600E, in Amber gold..


    A quick check on Ebay shows that their current normally retail for various models is between £125-£160, although the ex-Brexit £/$ rate is showing the RRP from the wholesaler at £160 (for the 1600E). I expect this to be reduced by about £20 in the real world.


    Would there be any interest in me selling Cult models? Please let me know.


    They can be found at:


    Regards to all,






    When I was doing the research for EXC 1 - the Cortina Lotus, I spent literally hours and hours going over every minute detail to make sure I could get the model as perfect a replica as possible. I became obsessed. Then I began to have doubts. I thought - is anybody really going to notice if there's a tiny ommission or maybe a little something that isn't quite right. I received an email today, part of which is shown below. Reading this customer's words has really cheered me up and justified all those late nights and early morning hours of research...


    'Hi, Lotus Cortina arrived today, it took my breath away when I saw the fine details applied to the model. I used to have two of these in the mid seventies... I will treasure this model as it brings back so many memories. Thank you, George.' 


    A number of you have also phoned me to tell me how much you like the model. Thank you.




    First - the bad news...

    after two years of trying to get the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback into production in the Majesty Classics range, I've finally given up on the idea, having been in recent correspondence with Zhou. I told him to that we should abandon the idea as there's still no estimate of when he'll be back at work.



    I have today authorised production of the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback in the Excalibur range!

    Not only that, but also the Alpine Fastback and the Holbay H120 Fastback.

    NOT ONLY THAT - but each of the models will be offered in either closed side window style or open side window style = a pillarless coupe!!

    Numbers will be very limited - Rapier 40 (20/20), Alpine 40 (20/20)and H120 45 (23/22). Total production: 120.


    Colours have yet to be finalised but will probably be:

    Rapier - metallic blue, solid red.

    Alpine - metallic blue, solid red.

    H120 - metallic dark green.


    I've still got over 20 names on the pre-order list already so if you want one/two/all three let me know as soon as possible because I think it will be a very popular model.


    Delivery will probably be about 6 months but don't hang about - get your skates on. This is an early bird warning to my customers. It will be announced in Model Collector and Diecast Collector shortly.


    I don't know - Rapiers are like buses - you wait ages for one, then three come at once :-)


    Regards to all,