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  1. MC 08, the BHM Majesty Classics Sunbeam Rapier Fastback will be in stock within the next few weeks.

    Colours are: Copper Beech metallic OR gold.


    Pre-order now!! For details, see the Majesty Classics section of BHM models.


    This model is in addition to the Excalibur metallic blue, and red Rapier Fastbacks which will be along later in the year.


    Regards to all,



  2. I've tried emailing you 3 times and it keeps getting sent back:-

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    The Corsairs are in the pipeline and I'm hoping to have them later in the year.



  3. specialist in Triumph and Standard models have just released the STANDARD (TRIUMPH) GAZEL (4-DOOR HERALD) INDIA. 


    This rare model of a rare Standard is now on view on the site. Click over to see photos.


    Colours available are cream or grey.


    Regards to all,


  4. ...the latest model from RIALTO!


    Click over now to see photos of the stunning 1966 TVR Trident coupe and drophead.

    My first allocation sold out on pre-orders. PRE-ORDER NOW for Jan/Feb delivery.


    LIMITED EDITION of 100 only each model.


    Regards to all,


  5. H--T---S Classics!!!

    SCALE 1:43.


    Over the past eight months, BHM have been acting in an advisory capacity to a well-known, white metal manufacturer, based in Britain.The result is a BRAND NEW range of white metal hand-built models that will be announced over the next few months.


    The first of this new range will be the 1966 Hillman Hunter Mk 1 saloon.


    The model will feature wing mirrors, photo- etched grille and wipers, CLEAR RESIN headlight inserts, separated plated door handles, bumpers and hub caps and even a tax disc on the windscreen!!


    The models will be plinth-mounted and each colour is a numbered LIMITED EDITION of 100. This numbering will be shown on the bottom of the plinth.


    Initial colours will be: Tahiti blue, with a beige interior, or Polar white, with a red interior.


    The models will be competitively priced at £99.99 each. 





    The full name of the new range will be revealed in due course.

    You can see photos of PRE-PRODUCTION samples in the H--T---S CLASSICS category of the site. 


    Regards to all,