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  1. ... my friend's daughter, Natasha, has just graduated from art college and has opened an ETSY shop, selling her beautiful creations.

    Check them out. They're just right as a stocking filler for 'someone special'.


    Copy and paste this link...


    Regards to all,


  2. Development work on the Excalibur EXC 2/2a Vauxhall Cavalier MK 1 Sportshatch has now been completed and production of the models is underway.


    There is a large backlog of pre-orders, which will be worked through as soon as possible. Have a look at the factory photos of the finished models, in the EXCALIBUR category of the site. 


    If you want to pre-order any/all of the models, contact me as soon as possible, as there's quite a queue of orders and, as the models are all hand built, they take time to complete.


    Regards to all,


  3. British Heritage Models is now re-introducing some Crossway models, in an agreement with Crossway.

    Each model is a limited edition of 30 (3 colours x 10 each).

    The first model has just arrived.

    Handbuilt by SMTS it's beautiful. See it now =

    go to 'Shop'

    'British Heritage Models'

    then click on

    BHM Crossway Collection.


    Regards to all,