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  1. ... are going from strength to strength, to such an extent that the manufacturer, in

    China, is suspending production of his own models, of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars,

    to increase production of BHM models.


    Over the next couple of weeks, the following models will be arriving into stock:



    MC 06a  -  new, two-tone colour schemes on the Vogue estate.

    MC 09/9a  -  Cortina MK II, Series II 1600E in various colours, with and without vinyl


    MC 12  -  Cortina MK II, Series II Lotus, Ermine white with Sherwood green stripes.

    MC 12a  -  Cortina MK II, Series II 1600GT, Silver Fox.



    EXC 1  -  Cavalier MK I, 2000GLS saloon, Regency red or metallic blue.

    EXC 1 a  -  Cavalier MK I, 1.6GL in red, white, or Orange Tan.



    MC 08X  -  Limited Edition (99) Sunbeam Rapier H120 Fastback.

    MC 03  -  two-tone version of the Rover P3 6-light saloon.



    MC 13  -  Corsair 2000E

    MC 13a  -  Corsair 2000GT.


    So, there's quite a lot to look forward to over the coming months.

    Keep reading the blog for all the latest updates!


    Regards to all,









  2. ... new colour Singer Vogue estates that are on the way to me and will be here very soon!


    I've gone for two-tones this time and door mirrors instead of on the wings.

    Three authentic colours schemes, all very eye-catching.


    Check them out now in the Majesty Classics category of the site.


    Regards to all,


  3. ...I have a LIMITED NUMBER of the latest BROOKLIN/LANSDOWNE 2019/2020 catalogue:


    A4 size,

    126 pages,

    all BROOKLIN ranges depicted in colour photographs.


    If anyone would like a FREE copy phone me on: 01244 320761.

    There will be NO UK postage to pay!! This offer is COMPLETELY FREE!!


    Anyone from outside the UK can still have a copy but there will be a charge for overseas postage.




    Regards to all,







  4.                                          BHM CROSSWAY COLLECTION



    At last - the wraps can come off on the latest chapter in the BHM story!


    After lengthy negotiations with the current owners of CROSSWAY MODELS, an agreement has been reached whereby BHM will take over the reins of Crossway and produce in LIMITED QUANTITIES certain models from the Crossway range.


    The first model chosen is the 1946-48 Wolseley Eight, six-light saloon.


    The models will be hand built in white metal to an exacting standard, and in very small quantities.


    For further details click on 'British Heritage Models' then 'Crossway Collection'.


    Production is now underway and the first models are expected about August time.

    There will only be THIRTY AVAILABLE so if you want one you know what to do:


                                                 PRE-ORDER NOW!!!


    Regards to all,