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  1. REGARDING THE CORONA VIRUS: Some of you have contacted me to say that you enjoyed the recent poem about panic-buying. Also that the recent blog post was appreciated. This has given me the idea for THE DUNKIRK SPIRIT.


    For the forseeable future, this DUNKIRK SPIRIT category will exist for anyone to submit a poem, mini story, anecdote,  or joke, for the entertainment and enjoyment of others.


    It is important to keep our spirits up at this trying time, and what better way than to come together and share anything which is entertaining and/or amusing.


    If you wish to submit anything for this category please contact me via the site EMAIL with the item, putting DUNKIRK SPIRIT in the title bar of your email.


    All submitted material remains the copyright of the writer. There is no ulterior motive to steal or plagiarise other people's literary efforts.


    All entries must be clean, innofensive and respectful of other peoples' race, religion, sexual orientation etc. ANY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL WILL BE DELETED.


    So, let's all pull together and get this idea off the ground!


    I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my poems and/or jokes.


    So get your thinking caps on and get the creative juices flowing. It doesn't have to be a piece by YOU, if you don't feel up to it - it can be by your wife/partner/family member/friend etc. Please enclose the name of the writer.


    I'm not looking for Charles Dickens!




    Public Health England has advised that there is no increase in risk of

    contacting the new coronavirus from handing letters or parcels.


    From their previous experience they know these types of viruses

    don't survive for more than a few hours on posted items.


    Regards to all,


  3. Following on from the Prime Minister's announcement tonight, one of the essential retail establishments to remain open will be post offices.


    As a mail order business, British Heritage Models will continue to supply models as normal during this trying period, and I know that the country will pull through this state of emergency. It may take some time but we'll get there eventually.


    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all good health. Keep your chins up. Keep calm and carry on. It's what we do - we're British.


    Best regards to you all,




  4. feel free to share:



    (with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)


    Half a yard, half a yard,

    Half a yard onward

    Straight through the Aldi doors

    Charged the six hundred

    ‘Forward, the Fright Brigade!

    Charge for the shelves!’ he said

    Straight through the Aldi doors

    Barged the six hundred.


    ‘Forward the Fright Brigade!’

    Panic-stricken and dismayed

    Idiots without a clue

    As they plundered

    Theirs not to make reply

    Theirs not to reason why

    Theirs just to BUY! BUY! BUY!

    Right through the Lidl doors

    Crashed the six hundred


    Bog rolls to the right of them

    Pasta to the left of them

    Crowded aisles in front of them

    Pushing and shoving

    Pensioners can go to Hell

    Boldly they snatched as well

    Soup, beans, sanitizer gel

    Charging through Morrisons doors

    Panicked the six hundred


    Flashed all their banknotes bare

    Flashed as they turned to swear

    Wheelchairs ‘Get out of here!’

    Barging an army while

    Those with sense wondered

    Plunging with push and poke

    Straight for the tills to choke

    Sainsbury’s gone up in smoke

    Pillaged and plundered

    Smashing through Tesco’s doors

    The nutcase six hundred


    Coffee to the left of them

    Tea bags to the right of them

    Bare shelves behind them

    Volleyed and thundered

    Storming in panic’s swell

    Onward! they must not dwell

    They that have crushed so well

    Selfish and greedy – sod off the needy!

    While conscience and manners fell

    Trampled the six hundred


    When will their panic fade?

    O the wild charge they made!

    All the world wondered

    Dishonourable, the charge they made

    Dishonourable, the Fright Brigade

    Ignoble six hundred


    * * * * *

    (Thursday, 19th March 2020)


  5. just announced!!


    Following on from the tremendous success fo the last two SILAS models: the Triumph estate and the Rapier Series V, Frederic has told me that the next two SILAS models will be:


    the Triumph Toledo

    the Vauxhall Cresta PB


    Obviously, these models are not going to appear overnight and will be some months away but if you'd like to order one or both of them contact me ASAP, as numbers will be limited, via phone: 01244 320761 or by email through the site.


    Colours have not yet been decided.


    Regards to all,



  6. ... new Jaguar model, just arrived from SMTS.


    It's a 1987 XJS-C as owned by Princess Diana.


    A beautiful, rare model with a LIMITED EDITION  build of only FIFTY.


    It comes with a numbered certificate.


    You can see it now in the SMTS category of the site.


    Regards to all,


  7. ... Triumph 2000/2500 estates + Sunbeam Rapier Series V are now on sale and can be bought from the 'SILAS MODELS' category.


    Delivery may take a few days longer than normal as there are quite a few pre-orders to pack and post but I'll get the model/s to you as soon as I can.


    Please bear with me.


    Regards to all,



  8. ... there are now two categories for GOLDVARG models on the site.


    The original is for models that are currently available.


    Because of the plethora of new models, in various states of construction and development, I've added a new category 'GOLDVARG MODELS FOR FUTURE RELEASE'.


    Because of the enormous popularity of GOLDVARG models, and their LIMITED EDITION amounts, I'd strongly advise that if there's any particular model/models you want, PRE-ORDER them as soon as you can. You can contact me by phone (01244 320761) or by the site email.


    Although there are a lot of models currently in development, they have a habit of whizzing into production quite quickly because Goldvarg use a number of different manufatcturers, working in tandem.


    Have a look at the new category - there's some crackers coming along!


    Regards to all,