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  1. ... you may remember, a couple of years ago, the EXCALIBUR range from BHM.


    Between one thing and another, I cancelled any dealings with the manufacturer. Since then, my original manufacturer, who is trustworthy and conscientious, has now returned to work following two years off, recovering from a heart attack.


    This is the man who produces the highly-popular BHM Majesty Classics range. For the last six months he has been developing a new EXCALIBUR range to follow on from the previous.


    The fruits of his labour are now about to be released and you can see early photos on the new, just added, category 'EXCALIBUR'.


    I still have a backlog of pre-orders for these models and they will be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Anyone wishing to place an order for the first model - the 1980 Cavalier MK 1 - can contact me.


    The new range complements Majesty Classics, which covers cars from 1940 -1970 and does not replace it.


    EXCALIBUR will cover models from 1971 onwards.


    Click on 'BRITISH HERITAGE MODELS' then 'EXCALIBUR' to get a sneak preview of what's coming. I don't think you'll be disappointed!


    Regards to all,





  2. ... two new magnificent models, coming soon from Truescale Miniatures.


    Provisionally scheduled for June delivery, I can't wait to see these two BIG beauties!


    Go to TRUESCALE MINIATURES on the site now, to see manufacturer's pictures of the sample models.


    You can pre-order these models now - contact me via phone (01244 320761) or the site email.


    Regards to all,


  3. The previous category 'AVENUE 43' (a division of  AUTOCULT) has now been combined into a new category, incorporating both makes:


                                       AUTOCULT/AVENUE 43 MODELS. 


    This simplifies matters and does away with the need for two seperate categories.

    The reason for this move is that I've just ordered a new AUTOCULT model and it will be in stock soon!

    To see what it is, and to pre-order (if nescassary), go to the new category and check it out!


    AUTOCULT models will not be sold 'en masses'. I'll only offer models that appeal to me, personally. But if anyone wants to order an AUTOCULT  model, let me know and if I can, I'll get it for you.


    Regards to all,




  4. ... have just been added to the site.


    This will not be models 'en masse'. I will be selective in the choice and only pick models that appeal to me. If, however, anyone is after a particular TRUSCALE model, let me know and if it's available, I'll get it for you.


    Take a look at the first model that's due in next week - it's a cracker!


    Regards to all,


  5. ... primary production plans for the Cresta PB have now been announced by Frederic.


    Both models of the car will be produced in a variety of colours and varying amounts. 

    BUT! all amounts are LIMITED so as soon as the colour schemes are announced it'd be a good idea to get your skates on and pre-order before they sell out.


    Here's the planned schedule:


    Cresta PB 2.6 Litre - 1-tone colour - no whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme -          50

    Cresta PB 2.6 Litre - 2-tone colour - whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme -               90

    Cresta PB 3.3 Litre - 1-tone colour - no whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme -          50

    Cresta PB 3.3 Litre - 2-tone colour - whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme –               90

    TOTAL PRODUCTION: 180 + 100 = 280.


    This is production for WORLD sales. Not all of these will be coming to BHM.


    Regards to all,






  6. Captain Tom!


    He's 100 today and has raised a staggering £31,000,000 (up to now) for NHS charites.


    BHM held 4 x charity auctions, on eBay, in aid of Captain Tom and I am very pleased to say that the total raised (after deduction of Paypal charges) by those auctions was £723.


    I've just passed that amount onto Captain Tom's Just Giving page.


    Well done and many thanks to any of my customers who bid on the auctions.


    The page closes tonight so if you want to donate - better get your skates on!


    Regards to all,