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  1. Frederic has just emailed me a couple of (small!) photos of the prototype model of the MK III Humber Sceptre, currently being developed in China. Click over to "Silas Models" category then onto the second page to see the photos. Colours will be green, blue and red, all with vinyl roof.


    Regards to all...



    Hello all,

    the Silas Riley 4/72 has just arrived into stock and is on sale now on the website. Pre-orders are being dealt with directly so don't buy twice!


    There have been production problems with the Wolseley but I have managed to get hold of available models and they, also, are currently on the site.


    All pre-orders are being dealt with now but because of the volume, please bear with me - you should receive your model/s within the next week.


    Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty and support.


    Best regards,




    The Silas Models BMC Wolseley 15/50 Farina model is due to come into stock very soon.


    However! There has been a problem with supply and only a LIMITED QUANTITY will be available initially.


    ALL PRE-ORDERS will be given priority then, should there be any left over these will be listed on the site.


    Latest pictures can be in the Silas Models category on the site.


    Regards to all,





    Just arrived is the first shipment of the 1970 MkII Cortina 1600E, Series 2, in the new colour of metallic Light Orchid.


    Available in two versions: MC 09, all Orchid, or MC 09a, Orchid with a black, vinyl roof. Both models come with a black interior but minor trim differences - position of radio aerial, grille badges.


    Photos now in the Majesty Classics category of the site. Click over and have a gander. Very few available.


    Regards to all,







    Just arrived is 6 models of an extremely rare car - the Allard K1 Woody, from Pete Kenna.


    A stunning model, available in blue, yellow, cream or white.


    Not cheap, but these models take a lot longer to build that other Kenna models because of the intricate patterning and detailing of the authentic-looking "wood" panelling and framework.Hence the price, but it is a very rare model that is not often seen. Only 6 available.


    Regards to all,










    "Top quality white metal" - Dom's Choice, Model Collector.


    At the time of writing there is ONE of the initial 12 Austin A40 Devons from Pete Kenna left.

    The model was awarded 10/10 by Model Collector.

    I have ordered another 12:


    5 x Mist green (3 are already sold, leaving 2 available)

    4  x Peacock blue

    3 x black


    Anyone wishing to buy one of the new batch would be advised to pre-order now, to avoid disappointment.

    Regards to all,





    Just come into stock is a nice selection of British sports cars, from Illustra (New Minimarque).


    Models include: MGC, Mk IV MG Midget, Mk IV Austin Healey Sprite and Austin Healey "Frogeye" Sprite.


    These are beautifully handcrafted and detailed in white metal and a must for all enthusiast collectors of traditional British sports cars.


    Click over there and have a look.


    Regards to all,