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    The first batch of assorted CROSSWAY/ABBEY models have sold extremely well. I've managed to get a few more and have now put them into stock.

    The quantities are VERY limited, so click over to the Crossway section on the site and see what's available, if you're in the market for one.


    Regards to all,


  2. I've just taken delivery of a VERY few beautiful Minimarque models from Illustra. These are made by Mike Murray, who was one of the original builders for Minimarqu 43.

    The models are:

    MGC GT = 2 x Tartan red/black interior, 1 x Oyster gold metallic/red interior.

    1947 Jaguar Mk IV Drophead = 1 x closed roof, 2 x half open roof.


    The models are superb, so click over to "Minimarque Models by Illustra" if you fancy a gander.

    Regards to all and I wish you all a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!







    Click over to the brand new listing: "Crossway Models/Abbey Classics" on the site to see a good selection of current brand new in box (BNIB)Crossway models, in stock for immediate delivery.


    Stunning models of supreme quality, exquisite detail and beautiful presentation!!!

    Regards & Merry Christmas to all!






    I have had a large order of the rare and beautiful Rialto models on order for many months.

    I have now been told by Janet Miedema, proprietor of Rialto, that the order is almost ready and will be on the way to me very soon!!!

    Here is a breakdown of the order:


        4 x Aston Martin DB3/3 Vignale coupe.

    1 x Rover Zagato, white

    2 x Jag Mk2 Coupe, metallic grey

    2 x Jag Mk2 Vicarage open Drophead, blue

    2 x Jag XK140 Zagato, white

    1 x Jag XK150 estate car 

    2 x Bentley Mk6 Pininfarina open Drophead, silver

    3 x Bentley Mk6 Pininfarina hard top Coupe, blue

    1 x Bristol 406 Zagato Short Wheelbase, red

    1 x Bristol 406 Zagato 2+2, red

    2 x AC-Bristol Zagato, red


    Rialto models are very hard to come by, and not very often seen, as they are all built to order. Rialto always think "outside the box" with their models and concentrate on models that were produced by the great styling houses of the likes of Zagato, Pininfarina, etc.

    Many of the cars that these models are based on were motor show one-offs or were produced in very small quantities.

    Rialto models are like those original cars = very rare and very beautiful


    Regards & a very Merry Christmas to all.



  5. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of British Heritage Models, founder Frank Jones has announced a special limited edition taxi in the guise of "JONES CABS"!

    Especially commissioned from Tin Wizard Models of Germany, the model, of a 1975 Volvo 244DL saloon, registration number TAX 1P, is right hand drive and sports a rear "GB" plate and period telephone number.

    Hand built in white metal, the model will be limited to just 25 units and comes with a dated & numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Frank Jones.


    Presented in yellow coachwork, the model comes with resin headlamps, separate door handles, photo-etched windscreen wipers, door mounted mirrors and a roof mounted "TAXI" sign.  


    And. as always, you may buy this beautiful VOLVO TAXI model with the COMPLETE CONFIDENCE of knowing that it comes with the backing of the British Heritage Models, no-quibble, money-back guarantee, should you fail to be 100% delighted with your purchase.


    BRITISH HERITAGE MODELS: the name you can trust...


    Click over to "Tin Wizard Models" on the site now to see pictures of this lovely model!


    Regards to all,




    Here it comes!


    KAR 120C - the Lotus 7, as driven by Patrick McGoohan in that cult 1960s' TV series "The Prisoner".


    Only SIX will be available! To pre-order now, phone me on: 01244 320761 or email:

    [email protected]


    A stunning model, beautifully hand built in white metal by master model builders' SMTS.


    Forget the rest - this is the best. A model for the serious, discerning collector of exquisitely detailed, handcrafted models of superb quality.


    Click over now to the SMTS section of the site to rekindle those memories!


    "You are Number Six... I am not a number! I am a free man!"