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    Check out the "Ilario" section on the site to see a stunning selection of superbly handcrafted, exquisitely detailed beautiful models.

    Hand-built by artisan model producer Ilario Chiera from France, the models are miniature works of art.

    Limited to just 170 -180 pieces worldwide, they are extremely rare and will add a touch of elegance to your collection.


    Regards to all.






    Take a look at the New Minimarque section on the site, to see some beautiful renditions of those all-time favourite, British sports cars - the MGB and the MGC.


    The models are hand-built in white metal, exquisitely detailed, of superb quality and beaitifully presented.


    Each model is a LIMITED EDITION of just 50, in its particular colour scheme, with its edition number stated on its plinth.


    They are all open roadsters.


    Beautiful models of an all-time favourite. I used to own a 1967 MGB roadster in Yellow Ochre with a black interior, reg no: WTU 262E.

    Ahhh, those were the days - before the baby came along and reduced me to a Volkswagen Beetle... :-(


    Regards to all,








    Silas models come along like British buses - you wait ages for one, then three come at once!!!


    More fantastic news just received from Frederic is that the 1952 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR is reaching the final stages of assembly and will be along soon!


    The model will be available in three colour schemes:


    Metallic steel grey with Burgundy red interior...

    Old English White with beige interior...

    Dark Indigo blue with pale blue interior.


    It will also be offered in hood up or hood down versions, making a total of six fantastic models!






    Don't forget though, as always with SILAS, the models will be strictly LIMITED EDITIONS therefore early pr-ordering is advised.


    The SILAS Jensen CV8 model sold out at a rapid rate and a lot of collectors were left disappointed.


    Anyone wishing to pre-order the 1952 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR can phone me on 01244 320761 or email me on [email protected] to be guaranteed receiving the model/s of your choice.


    Payment is not required until the models have arrived into stock and are ready to be despatched to you.


    So get your skates on!

    Regards to all,






    A unique model, from Frederic of Silas Models, has just arrived:


    the 1964 Vauxhall Viva HA de Luxe, shown in one of its export variants as the Vauxhall Epic.


    The model is LHD and features French number plates.


    As usual, with Silas models, it is exquisitely detailed, beautifully presented and of superb quality.


    A unique rendition of an extremely rare car, it deserves a place in your collection!


    However, only 200 of this LIMITED EDITION will be produced (100 in each colour scheme).


    Regards to all.




    The BMC Farina models were first announced by Silas for production in 2011.


    Owing to manufacturer problems, the project was put on a back burner to allow other Silas products to go into production.

    Demand for these three models, 1962 MG Magnette Mk IV, 1962 Riley 4/72 & 1959 Wolseley 15/60, on pre-orders was amazing. Many customers were frustrated and very disappointed when the models failed to materialise.


    NOW - it gives me great pleasure to announce that the BMC Farina project is definiitely back on. Pre-production prototypes are being paint-tested and assembled for final fit.


    I am hoping it won't be too long now before the models are on the way to us.

    As always with Silas Models, these will be strictly LIMITED EDITIONS and will follow the pattern of 3 colour choices.




    To reserve your models, go to the SILAS section on this website, choose which colours/models you wish to pre-order then phone me ASAP to reserve your models.


    You are advised to do this as early as possible to avoid disappointment, when the models sell out.

    You may phone me on 01244 320761 or email me at [email protected] to place your priority PRE-ORDER. That will guarantee that you get your models.


    Regards to all.








  6. The Vauxhall Victors have sold out within 24 hours!. There are a few VX 4/90 available at the moment.


    More Victors will be available next week. Colours are Persian Blue/pale blue interior or Calypso red/beige interior.


    The initial order sold ut within 24 hours but more will be here soon. Keep watching the site or to pre-order, phone me on: 01244 320761!



  7. The wait is over!


    Just arrived within the last couple of days have been the SILAS MODELS 1963/4 Vauxhall Victor Super & VX 4/90 models.


    At present, stock is extremely limited, as these are painstakingly hand built, so if you need one immediately - grab one now before they sell out!.


    As usual, with models from Frederic, the detailing is exquisite, the finish superb and the presenration beautiful - remarkable value at the price he charges!


    All colours are LIMITED EDITIONS: VX 4/90 of 100 each colour, Victor FB Super of 125 each colour.


    More will follow but current availability is very limited. SILAS now sell to SIX different countries across the world.


    From a long-standing friendship between myself and Frederic Cros, of Silas Models, BHM is the sole importer and distributor of Silas models for the united Kingdom. Suggestions for future SILAS models will be passed onto Frederic.


    Best regards to you all for your continued custom and support - Frank.






  8. The following 1600E Cortina models will be in stock very soon:


    within the next 7 days:

    FIVE ONLY - Series 1, Alpina green.

    FIVE ONLY - Series 1, Saluki bronze.


    Within the next 10-14 days:

    TEN ONLY - Series 2, Aubergine - 5 pre-ordered =  FIVE ONLY LEFT.

    SEVEN ONLY - Series 2, Aquatic jade - 4 pre-ordered = THREE ONLY LEFT.


    Anyone wishing to pre-order any of the above, please email me via the website or phone me on T: 01244 320761.






  9.                 British Heritage Models is proud to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW, BHM, range of 1/18 scale, premium quality models:



                             "THE LIONHEART SUPREME COLLECTION"



    This is a range of superior quality, handbuilt, resin models that are exquisitely detailed, superbly finished and beautifully presented.


    Each of the models comes attached to a wooden plinth, encased within a wooden box.  


    The first model in the range, CdL1, (Coeur de Lion) will be the 1950 Phantom IV, in the state livery of Royal Claret and black, as owned by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

    Being simultaneously launched is CdL 2, the earlier version of the car, in the orignal 1950 colour of Valentine green, as owned by the, then, Princess Elizabeth.


    Each model is one of a strictly Limited Edition that will amount to no more than 100, inclusive of both versions, for worldwide distribution, and is supplied with a signed, dated and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


    Prospective collectors of these EXCEPTIONAL models are advised to put their name on the pre-order list, as soon as possible, by contacting me by


                                                                        phone: 01244 320761 or email [email protected]


    See listings under "The Lionheart Supreme Collection" for further details/photos.







  10. Hello all,


    just a quick note to let you know that I've ordered a dozen 1968 Cortina 1600E, Series 1, with vinyl roofs.


    Colours are: 6 x Blue Mink, 6 x Ermine White.


    Model will be numbered as MC 07a.


    Specification thus:

    1.  Yellow 'AA' badge on passenger's side of front grille.

    2.   Centre radio aerial on front of roof.

    3.   Chrome 'GB' badge on left side of boot panel.

    4.   Black vinyl roof effect.


    Anyone wishing to pre-order one of these new batches can contact me ASAP on: T 01244 320761 or email [email protected]