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  1. Hello all,

    a quick update on the Cortina Series 2 situation:

    received on Tuesday, 24th June, 30 models:-

    10 x Aubergine.

    10 x Amber gold.

    10 x Aquatic jade.


    Current stock situation: 8 models left = 22 sold.


    Availability as of NOW:

    Aubergine - SOLD OUT

    Amber gold - 4 left

    Aquatic jade - 4 left


    If you definitely want one of these models, I would advise buy it now, to avoid disappointment. 





  2. Hello all,


    Majesty Classics MC09, the 1970 Cortina 1600E Series 2 (facelift) model has just arrived - and it is stunning!

    One of the most beautiful models I've ever seen - irrespective of price.


    The detail, finish and presentation are superb. This is a Limited Edition of 30 (10 x gold, 10 x aubergine, 10 x green) featuring door mirrors.


    There's currently, as I write this, approx 13 been sold/pre-ordered, so if you want one of the 30 with the door mirrors, order NOW to avoid disappointment.


    Click on Majesty Classics on the site, to see pictures and details.







  3. Hello all,

    Over the next few weeks, I will be receiving the latest model from Silas - it's the 1964 Triumph Herald 1200 estate car. Colours available are: Jonquil yellow, Signal red, and Wedgwood blue.


    This is a hand built, limited edition model of 100 in each colour. Anybody wishing to pre-order a model can phone me on: 01244 320761 or email me at: [email protected]


    Click on the Silas Models category to see photos.






  4. Hello all,

    the first run of 30 models of MC07, the 1968 Cortina Mk11 1600E, Series 1, sold out on pre-orders, before the model arrived and I had a chance to list it on the website.

    That initial run, featuring bullet-style wing mirrors, has now been superseded by the second run, arrival of which is imminent.

    The second run will differ from the first run, thus:


    No wing mirrors.

    Addition of an RAC badge to front grille.

    Addition of chrome "GB" plate to bootlid.

    Twin red rear foglights replaced by twin white rear reversing lights.


    The previous Velvet Blue model has now been superseded with a new colourway: Alpina Green with a saddle interior.

    The Dragoon Red model now features a black interior, which replaces the previous grey one.


    Arrival of the second run of models is imminent, but because of the painstaking process of handbuilding these exquisitely detailed models, only 24 will arrive:


    12 x Saluki Bronze

    6 x Alpina Green

    6 x Dragoon Red.


    As of today's date, pre-orders for 11 models have already been received, so if you wish to purchase one, contact me on T: 01244 320761 to place an order as soon as possible.

    Go to the "Majesty Classics" category on the site, to see photos of the new 1600E models.













  5. Hello all,

    due in shortly is the New Minimarque, by Illustra, Austin Atlantic Woody estate car. Colours will be - red, gold, black, or green.


    There are very few ordered, so if you must have one, phone me directly on 01244 320761, to pre-order one.


    These sold out last times, as the model is produced in very small quantities and hard to come by.


    They are hand built in white metal, by Mike Murray and his team at Illustra Models, the owner of the original Minimarque 43 master model.


    Photos of the models can currently be viewed in the New Minimarque category.